SP 200 - Grading (2017)


Attendance (10%): Students are advised to read the attendance policies in the Student Handbook. More than two (2) unexcused absences (one week of classes) will negatively affect your final grade. Please be on time. No points are awarded for attendance; it is expected! If students miss class for any reason, they are responsible to catch up on their own. Further, students not attending class are unable to participate and thus will automatically receive a 0 for that day.

Super Site (15%): Supersite assignments include graded as well as for credit only assignments. Throughout the semester you’ll be completing a variety of assignments from the Supersite (the online component of Portales). Check the supersite to see the calendar of assignments. There is no late penalty for credit activities. Lateness in graded activities penalties are 5% deduction per day. Lateness for quizzes: 10% flat. Occasionally you will be assigned homework to be turned in. These assignments will not be accepted late.

Participation in class discussions: All students will have the opportunity and the responsibility to participate in class on a regular basis. At random, students will be given the opportunity to respond to an aspect of the theme that the class is discussing. The professor will take notes regarding the relevancy of the response. Willingness to participate, preparedness and creativity will be rewarded at the beginning, but expectations will rise as students become conversant in the material and approach. Students who do not or cannot attend class are unable to participate. They will automatically receive a 0 for that day’s discussion/activity. The following criteria will be used to evaluate class participation. Raising your hand to participate in class will not only allow your professor to get to know you faster, but it does wonders for language learning. Ask questions, answer when you can and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The best tool to assure your successful participation is to come to class PREPARED. Before class each student must read the material and do the homework to be covered in class on the due date according to the Class Schedule. The supersite homework is time sensitive and some of the exercises are graded. It is important to read and study the material before doing the homework. Please check the Class Schedule and Supersite for homework. No late written homework will be accepted. Leaving the classroom once class has begun will affect your grade. Your level of participation will be assessed regularly

A range: Very dynamic engagement in all class activities: Student is consistently prepared for class sessions, very often begins interaction, participates actively and promotes participation in partnered and group activities, collaborates keenly in the creation of the learning environment.

B range: Active engagement in all class activities: Student is generally prepared for class sessions, often begins interaction, participates actively in partnered and group activities, collaborates in the creation of the learning environment.

C range: Moderate engagement in class activities: Student is irregularly prepared for class sessions, seldom begins interaction, and participates moderately in partnered and group activities.

D range: Very little engagement in class activities: Student is seldom prepared for class sessions, never begins interaction, participates little in partnered and group activities.

E range: No visible engagement in class activities: Student is usually unprepared for class sessions, doesn’t participate in partnered and group activities, interferes with the creation of the learning environment.

Cultural Presentation (5%): Each student will prepare an oral presentation. The presentation is an in-depth Power Point with a focus on a topic relating to students’ interests and/or major and the Spanish-speaking world. Students will be graded on content, organization, presentation and comprehensibility. Students must email the professor the final version of the presentation the day before all presentations begin. Remember that you are not allowed to read during your presentation.

Writing (10%): During the semester, each student will write five (3) composition. The student needs to keep in mind the 5C’s of World Language Education. Each composition will require research of new subjects related to the cultural or literary material learned in class. The student will reflect on how it relates to them and their community and/or global community. Each entry will have between 200/250 words.

Pruebas (15%): There will be four (4) pruebas during the course of the semester. They include: listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, culture and/or literature and a writing sample. No make-ups!

Mid-term (15%) The exam is cumulative of chapters 13 to 15 and includes an oral comprehension section, grammar as well as culture and/or literature..

Native Speakers Sessions (10%) Regular attendance and participation is mandatory. Native speakers’ sessions meet once a week. You are allowed one absence without penalty. Each absence following will lower your grade. Classes begin on the second week of the semester.

Final exam (20%) The final exam is comprehensive and cumulative (chapters 13-18) and includes an oral and a reading comprehension section, grammar, culture and/or literature. The final exam is during final exam week; don’t make travel arrangements before you know the final exam schedule.

Grades will be based on the following scale: