Preparation/Assignments (10%): Each student will have read the material and do the homework to be covered in class on the due date. The student will work diligently in the workbook, Premium Website, lab assignments etc. All homework must be written down. Late assignments will not be accepted.

Participation/Class work (10%): This means that the student will actively contribute to class individually, in pairs, and group work by asking and by answering questions, it also means that you will willingly engage in class activities using the target language: Spanish. Your level of class participation will be assessed regularly.The following criteria will be used to evaluate class participation:

A range: Very dynamic engagement in all class activities; student is consistently prepared for class sessions, very often begins interaction, participates actively and promotes participation in partnered and group activities, collaborates keenly in the creation of the learning environment.

B range: Active engagement in all class activities; student is generally prepared for class sessions, often begins interaction, participates actively in partnered groups activities, collaborates in the creation of the learning environment.

C range: Moderate engagement in class activities, student is irregularly prepared for class sessions, seldom begins interaction, participates moderately in partnered and group activities.

D range: Very little engagement in class activities, student is seldom prepared for class sessions, never begins interaction, participates little.

E range: No visible engagement in class activities, student is usually unprepared for class sessions, doesn’t participate in partnered or group activities, and interferes with the creation of learning environment.

Cultural Project (10%): For this collaborative project, you will be working in groups of 3 or 4. As a group you will choose to create a five (5) minutes original movie or a radio show. The project must include appropriate cultural content, grammar, and vocabulary learned in class. It should incorporate the 5C’s and must include the subject and materials from at least 2 of the chapters studied in class. The professor will provide guidelines and detailed instructions. The content/subject of the project has to be approved by the professor

Quizzes (15%): There will be five (5) quizzes that include: listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, culture and/or literature and a writing sample. No make-ups! Your teacher will drop the lowest grade of the 5 quizzes. (Note: if you miss a quiz, that's the quiz grade that will be dropped.)

Cultural Journals (10%): During the semester, each student will write six (6) cultural journal entries keeping in mind the 5C’s of World Language Education. Each entry will require research of new subjects related to the cultural or literary material learned in class. The student will reflect on how it relates to them and their community and/or global community. Each entry will have between 100 / 150 words and will include a visual that relates to it.

Mid-term (15%): The exam is cumulative of chapters 1 to 3 and includes an oral comprehension section, grammar as well as culture and/or literature.

Native Speakers Sessions (10%): Regular attendance and participation is mandatory. Native speakers’ sessions meet once a week. You are allowed one absence without penalty. Each absence following will lower your grade; Five absences will earn you a grade of E in Native Speaker (10% of your grade). SIX ABSENCES WILL EARN YOU A GRADE OF E IN THE COURSE. Some Native Speaker sessions can be made up on other days, but this must be coordinated with the Native Speaker Supervisor, Michaela Olsen. Native Speaker sessions begin the first week of the semester.

Final exam (20%): The final exam is comprehensive and cumulative (chapters 1-6) and includes both an oral and a reading comprehension sections, grammar, culture and/or literature. The final exam is during final exam week; don’t make travel arrangements before you know the final exams schedule.

Grades will be based on the following scale: Please remember I don’t give grades you earn them!