Respect the cultural and linguistic diversity of the class and always show respect toward your classmates, your professor and the learning experience. Please, recognize that improper attire, food, and gum in the classroom interfere with course goals and are not allowed.

Policy on the use of electronic devices: "As a member of the learning community, each student has a responsibility to other students who are members of the community. When cell phones or pagers ring and students respond in class or leave class to respond, it disrupts the class. Therefore, the Office of the Dean prohibits the use by students of cell phones, pagers, PDAs, or similar communication devices during scheduled classes. Text messaging or accessing information on these devises is likewise forbidden. All such devices must be put in a silent (vibrates) mode and ordinarily should not be taken out during class. Given the fact that these same communication devices are an integral part of the College's emergency notification system, an exception to this policy would occur when numerous devices activate simultaneously. When this occurs, students may consult their devices to determine if a college emergency exists. If that is not the case, the devices should be immediately put away. Other exceptions to this policy may be granted at the discretion of the instructor."