Attendance Policy

Saint Anselm College


Students are expected to attend prepared for each class and to arrive on time. I will take attendance everyday in class. Consult the Student Handbook for College policy on attendance. Students are permitted unexcused absences equal to the number of meetings a class is held in one week. For example, if a class meets 2 times per week, the limit is 2 unexcused absences permitted for the semester. If a class meets twice a week, then two unexcused absences are permitted for the semester. Students must have a note from the Dean's office if they have missed an assignment (quiz, exam, composition, etc) due to illness! Health Services is not responsible for issuing paperwork on student absences. Refer to the Dean's policy clarification here. If there is a death in the family I must have a note from the Dean's office to confirm the event. Failure to obtain a College approved excuse for missing an exam will result in a grade of zero for the missed exam grade. Contact me at as soon as you know there is a potential problem with attendance (

A student that is absent for an exam must have an excuse approved by the Dean of the College. Please see the Dean's office and seek their approval. Health Services does not contact the individual professors and they must contact the Dean's office if the absence is due to a medical condition. All makeup exams should be arranged with me. See syllabus for dates and times.

Athletics and Attendance

Student athletes will occasionally encounter conflicts between games and their classes in this course. It is your responsibility to see me before the scheduling conflict between your game and class and make the appropriate arrangements. Make sure that you check the possible assignments you can make up so that you can attend your event. Remember that academic obligations always take precedence over athletics at Saint Anselm College.

I want student-athletes to attend all of their practices and all of their games in addition to all of their classes and labs. In order to achieve this student-athletes must do two things. 1) Student-athletes must notify me as early as possible, in person, of any conflicts they will have with class times, practices and games. 2) Student-athletes must notify me as early as possible, in person, of any classes they will miss because they have a game that day or must travel to a game on the next day. Each student must make up the assignment the week it is given or they will penalized. This rarely occurs but I want everyone to be aware of this.