Accents for Microsoft Word







option e  then a   

ctrl  ' then a   (the ' is found under the " next to the return key) 


option e  then e   

ctrl  ' then e 


option e  then i   

ctrl  ' then i 


option o then o   

ctrl  ' then o 


option u then u   

ctrl  ' then u 


option n  then n  

ctrl  shift ~  then n        (the ~ is found on the upper left hand  of the keyboard, on top of ` )


shift option then ?  

alt + 0191


option !             

alt + 0161


If all else fails … on the Tool Bar, click INSERT and scroll down to SYMBOL.

You should see a table full of Symbols (Make sure you're NOT in the Special Characters pages).  Find the symbol you need, click the symbol and click INSERT.  You can also see what the "Shortcut Key" says underneath the table, it tells you what type in order for your symbol to appear.  PC computers will vary greatly on what the Shortcut Key is.